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Our educational projects have already benefited, since the beginninng of classes at the first Education Center until December 2021, 1,180 students.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

With the objective to unite our society and make people lives better around the World, UN promoted an event for 193 countries to adopt 17 sustainable development goals.

It was established a commitment to end poverty, promote prosperity and well being, protect the environment and fight climate change.

2030 Agenda

SDG that we act directly:

SDG 1 - Poverty Eradication

We are concerned with being good neighbors, contributing to the sustainable development of the regions where we are present, fostering and moving the local economy through income generation.

SDG 2 - Zero hunger and sustainable agriculture

Through the 'Raiz ao Grão' project, we contribute to the training of farmers in Bahia, seeking to foster the region's subsistence food production chain.

SDG 3 - Health and well-being

Thinking about the health and well-being of the team, we offer a package of benefits aligned with market practices. We also encourage the practice of physical activities and the integration provided by sport.

SDG 4 - Quality Education

We created and maintain educational projects on the areas of our assets: Minas Gerais, Piauí and Maranhão.

Janela para o mundo

SDG 5 - Gender equality

Our average salary is the same for men and women. Our team is made up of 36% women, 50% of our board of directors being made up of women.

SDG 6 - Drinking water and sanitation

Through the Ecolar project, we installed a technology system for treating sewage in more than 190 homes in 9 communities in rural areas of Bahia.

SDG 7 - Clean and accessible energy

At Omega Geração we produce 100% clean and renewable energy with competitive costs

SDG 8 - Decent work and Economic growth

We believe and work based on collective work, equal opportunities and respecting each and everyone of our team members

SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We contribute directly to the development of an energy matrix and sustainable infrastructure. Thus, we support the economic and social development of communities.

SDG 10 - Reducing inequalities

We contribute to the development and reduction of inequalities in the regions where we operate, especially through Janela para o Mundo.

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

We generate clean energy, reducing environment impact, making, amongst others, air quality better by avoiding more CO2 on atmosphere.

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production

We maintain a 100% renewable portfolio, made up of solar, water and wind assets. In this way, we contribute to achieving sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.

SDG 13 - Climate Action

In 2019, our energy avoided the emissions of 289 thousand tons of CO2 from being emitted. Our actions are essentially sustainable and committed to preserving the environment.

SDG 16 - Peace, justice and effective institutions

We adopt high corporate governance practices, apply policies that seek to act ethically and in compliance with the law of our team.

Sustainability Report

We connect investments and people in a sustainable way

Environmental Projects

Nature care

Nature care

We make environmental educational campaigns and reforestation around the communities where we are present. This way we actively corroborate to people awareness and habitat preservation around our plants.

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